Who's your Daddy? Here's Mine. (Sun 24 Jun 07)

It's official. My father is going to move into my apartment (which is cleverly disguised as a house). We're leaving for Chicago on Friday; he'll start moving in either Friday or Saturday. I think he'll be a good roommate; he's quite busy, so he won't be around much, and I get along with him just fine. The most difficult part will probably be the bathroom, as I do have only one of those. The most difficult part in the meantime, however, will be rearranging the house to get most of the stuff out of this room that I am in, the computer/play room. I have a good general idea of how to condense/rearrange, but when you add that into Trip Preparations it gets rather mottled. As a related aside, this will not be the first occurrence of my father coming to stay with me for a short time. It first happened when I was 19, with a young Torrin precisely Mira's age (four and a half years ago) as I was still living with Torrin's dad -- barely. My father's departure was very closely followed by that of Torrin's dad, after which so began the Mason Saga.

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