Spat on, hoppin' fences, and physically crushed!

Nope...Voldemort wasn't involved...hardy-har-har. I'm a trifle tardy in reporting, but a friend and I went to the Linkin Park concert in Omaha on the 12th. As in, the kick-off for their current US tour. Originally I had hoped to go with the Boy Who Lived...

Back when he and I first started seeing each other, one of the first few times I came to pick him up from his house, he got into my car and Hybrid Theory was playing. He just sat there in awe for a bit...one of his many cute moments. Our music compatibility was high...cheesy sh*t and not-so-cheesy. But anyway...

I wrestled with whether I wanted to go to that concert, knowing he had bought tickets using my laptop a few short weeks ago. I didn't want to go only in accordance with spite. But the more I thought about it...it's not like HE was the only one who liked Linkin Park. Last time they rolled through Nebraska I wanted to go but didn't have a sitter for Torrin or something. So, the day before the concert I called up a friend (actually an ex, but no matter) and the next day we went. Our seats were horrible since I bought them last minute but we ditched those pretty quick and hopped over the barricade to go into the general admission area. We got right up in the front. Got spat on, crowd-surfed, and smashed around by strangers. It was great.


Basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes, leukocytes...

I'm going to Hell; care to join me?

Hermione has reassured me that she'll get there first and get the party started. Apparently, most of my friends and acquaintances will be joining me. In fact, I've appointed myself Gateskeeper and took it upon myself to bestow upon one lucky individual a VIP door pass. Ah, the goodies that await that person. !

My human physiology class is in full swing. Midterm exam is on Tuesday. I still haven't started my graduate school application...really need to work on that. Unfortunately, I've been swamped at work, what with tax season on top of the work that keeps me more than busy the rest of the year.


Press Censorship?

I'm considering converting this to an invitation-only blog. This, of course, pertains to Voldemort. The Boy Who Lived is free to see anything I have to say. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Not so much. I'm sure he would interpret this as me hiding things, as usual, but this isn't about hiding something. It's about him abusing avenues of information with the intent of inflicting adversity. Then I think...well, by prohibiting him from viewing what I write, aren't I giving him another form of power, by allowing his nonsense to control what I do? Goodness knows, he controls far too much as is.

I've decided that the answer to that particular quandary is no.

Now we'll see if I take that step.