It Sure Doesn't Seem Like 11 Days...

Since I last posted a message! Sheesh! And to think I feel less busy now that I did two months ago.
I'm having a bit of a morning problem. Actually, two problems.
The first is that I have to be in class at 8. Torrin cannot be at school any earlier than 8:30. Problem evident.
The other problem is me. I cannot wake up in the morning when it is pitch black outside. I'm sorry, morning is supposed to include the sun shining on your face. 6 or 7 am in December or January does not include such a thing.
Wednesday January 17, 2007 - 08:20pm (PST)
Ugh...I have totally been there with the class/work and childcare issue. It SUCKS. Those are the mornings I wish I was married....or at least had someone in the house to assist me with all of my needs without any romantic attachment. Or something. --amber
Wednesday January 31, 2007 - 11:56am (PST)


He's So Purdy...

And he starts his new job at ITI tomorrow morning! Monday @ 8am!
Coindentally enough I start something new tomorrow at 8 as well...I am officially a student again, although I'm not in any program. I'm taking Human Anatomy at SCC to fulfill some prerequisites I need in order to apply for graduate school.