No baby yet.

I've gotten to a point in the pregnancy where I am totally and completely done. My feet are doing that awesome swelling thing they started doing about a week before I had Mira. I've been contracting irregularly since about 630am Sat. It's now 325am Sun, and no, I haven't been to sleep yet. They come about every 8 min...but not on time. Sometime's it's 6 min, sometimes 10. This could get old verrrrry quickly. Actually, it has already gotten old. *yawn*

For fun, here's a picture of someone never-before-seen-on-my-blog, the one and only PGG. Here, asleep with Mira a couple nights ago. Nice dark picture because I didn't want to wake them with a light or a flash, of course. And speaking of sleep, I'm going to go attempt a catnap.


Every Baby a Blessing.

Not going to go into the drama-mess-details, but for crying out loud...every baby should be cause for celebration and joy. Why waste time and energy decrying whatever shitty situation may be sweltering? Surround the innocent one, borne not of its own accord, with sweetness and concern only for its well-being. Sacrifice for human nature (not one of us perfect). The past cannot be undone.

All of my siblings...I would take any one (or several) of them into my home if it were needed. From age 6 days to 20 years, each may share only one parent with me but they are all my kin.

My children will, and to some extent already do, have a similar sibling patchwork. I can only hope that they will feel the same and leave bickering and drama to those who care to pursue and promote such nonsense.


This should be easy.

I was tagged by Julie to do a blog of 7 Weird Things About Myself.

Okay, easy enough. I think. I've been considered generally "weird" for most of my life.

1. I'm afraid of nail clippers. I hack 'em off with nail scissors or even regular scissors. This goes for my kids too.

2. I love chocolate and I love ice cream but I do not care for chocolate ice cream.

3. My parents are both adopted. I'm not.

4. I don't use salt. I don't even have normal salt in my house, although I do have some sea salt which was purchased for tie-dying purposes.

5. I don't own a mop. I have never mopped my kitchen floor since we moved to our house in May 2006. The flooring is laminate and I love it. I spray it with Windex.

6. I am currently in love with the smell of Windex. I look for excuses to clean things so that I can smell the wonderful lemon Windex smell.

7. Just recently I started a photo adventure titled "The Festiva Project." This is my first public mention of it; the only persons who knew about it before now were my kids and PGG. I'm taking pictures of Ford Festivas, which are little egg-shaped vehicles produced between 1988 - 1993. I've been caught in the act three times now (and I only have 16 total). I'll probably end up making a website for it, or its own blog. Below is the most recently captured picture. A red one, modified hood, back end covered with stickers, dents abound.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but I honestly don't know that I know of any bloggers who haven't been tagged that read my blog...will think on that one and edit the post later perhaps.


Fly on the wall

Torrin liked this comic today. He only asked what "sociopathy" was. Actually, he read most of today's comics aloud to me. You know how parents will sometimes spell words out so that the kid doesn't know what you're talking about? Can't do that with this kid anymore. He likes to carry out conversations in spelling sometimes. O-K-A-Y, T-O-R-R-I-N (he read this post too).