Every Baby a Blessing.

Not going to go into the drama-mess-details, but for crying out loud...every baby should be cause for celebration and joy. Why waste time and energy decrying whatever shitty situation may be sweltering? Surround the innocent one, borne not of its own accord, with sweetness and concern only for its well-being. Sacrifice for human nature (not one of us perfect). The past cannot be undone.

All of my siblings...I would take any one (or several) of them into my home if it were needed. From age 6 days to 20 years, each may share only one parent with me but they are all my kin.

My children will, and to some extent already do, have a similar sibling patchwork. I can only hope that they will feel the same and leave bickering and drama to those who care to pursue and promote such nonsense.

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La Nuit Étoilée a dit…

Things that really piss me off:

1. USING children as pawns in ADULT arguments.
2. Refusing to accept one's own shortcomings.
3. Dwelling on the past...and using it as a crutch to lean in to the future.
4. Referring to siblings as only "half." A sister is a sister is a sister.

I am so, so, SO thankful that my mother did not waste my childhood talking sh*t about my "absent" father. He's an okay guy, BTW. You will not find me talking crap about my childrens' fathers in front of them, either. I do have to watch myself more about it with Mira getting older. I don't wear all of the stupid crap that has happened in the past as a badge, either. It just really boils my blood when people make such distorted comments concerning people I care about...I've been through hell too, and I know many have been through worse. True, people are affected differently by seemingly similar or things that could be considered "less serious" or "more traumatic." But damn. Knowing what I've seen...done...heard...shed...bled again, and again...there is a way out, but you have to drag yourself along with your soul or you will be lost, possibly forever.

Amber a dit…

I agree every baby is a blessing, too. It isn't the child's fault what ever "adult" situation is is born into. The baby is a pure newborn soul who needs love, nurture, and support. If it has those things, it will thrive. Always.
I also think the whole "half" sibling term is crude. A sister is a sister. Example: You are not just half of Chloe's sister....duh! Are you half a person somehow? What the heck does that mean? Or Claire or Max or Anthony or Sophia......or Ian or Craig? FAMILY isn't a "half" thing.

Heather a dit…

Completely agree. If we used the term half or they werent my siblings because they are only half my sibling, id be an only child and let me tell you, i am far from an only child, lol! I have 2 older brothers and an older sister and in no way shape or form was i ever raised an only child, lol! I got scares to prove it, jk!


julesofdenial a dit…

I agree. Heck, I even call my ex-step-brother my brother... and our parents were only married eight years, and divorced ten years ago. :)