I have a second-grader...

The procession of time presses onward. I can't believe that my first baby is beginning his third year of formal schooling. But then again, I can't really remember him as a baby either--seems like snapshots out of someone else's life--so I suppose it makes some sense. His hair is starting to get pretty long.


Because she's so freaking cute...

Cheesin' this morning, wearing a dress we received from one of my online buddies!


Either go away or just say hello...

Because OMGoodness this is driving me nuts!

Isn't one Viktor Krum at my workplace enough? TCO, I am so disappointed with your social (sk)ills that seem to be more and more mimicking those of Viktor Krum...it's not a good thing...as you yourself have stated on so many occasions...Viktor is an a$s. And who Else has a lil white Kia? LOL...


Snow cones & Dirt

A good summation of what makes the modern powwow fun for small children: Playing in the dirt and fair-type food. The congregation of children is possibly my favorite part of going to the powwow.

Naked Mira on someone's bike (we had gone to the car to change her dirty dress)

Junior girl jingle dress dancer

The Omaha (Umoⁿhoⁿ, wh
ich means "against the current") powwow is a celebration to honor the creator for the harvest (hedewachi).

I loved this little boy's expression

Me, goofy Torrin, and passed out Mira.


That's just WRONG!

I've been having kind of a crappy week that I won't go into, but this is ridiculous. Warner Brothers has decided to delay the release of the Half Blood Prince until next summer. Production delays? Script or set discrepancies? Key actors getting DUIs? No, none of that. They just wanted to move it to an "open" weekend in the SUMMER. As if HP needs any help attracting viewers! The only good part is that supposedly the 1st half of Deathly Hallows will still come out in November next year.


A Life Full of Color

I am happiest when I can create things.

I've never been a painter, but I adore mixing paint. I love combining this color and that, and maybe that one or that one, and seeing what happens. Sometimes the results are as expected, but other times, the new hue takes you by surprise.

I have an ongoing love affair with the sky. The various shades that mingle and tangle with the clouds can be oh-so-breathtaking.

The textures and colors of scrapbooking paper is what marks the appeal of those stores, even though, aside from a few stolen savory moments, I haven't really scrapped since before Mira was born. The difference between one child and two isn't one...it's about 1,000.

My favorite of all?

I think it's beads. I've accumulated a fair collection of beads, and there is a definite sense of euphoria present as I rifle through the boxes, filled with varied sizes, shapes, textures and shades of beads. The satisfaction that arises as a result of completing a piece is rather indescribable. It's not merely pride for being able to make something; it's easy enough to do. It's the interaction of the colors, the light reflecting on the shiny spheres. Last night for the first time in a a long while I made a necklace, for Mira. She has said more than once now that she would like to have a yellow dress made for her; whether or not she also wears this necklace is secondary. I made it for her, and that adds to its uniqueness.



In 1993, Toni Morrison won the Nobel Prize for literature
Bill Clinton was President of the United States
River Phoenix, Frank Zappa, André the Giant, and Dizzy Gillespie died
Czechoslavakia became the two separate nations of Slovakia and Czech Republic
Rodney King testified in federal court
Unforgiven won 4 Academy Awards

and my brother Ian was born.

Ian at 3 months...and 5 years old, kindergartner at Elliott...

And now, sporting a Beatles/Harry Potter Goblet of Fire-esque shag, 15 years old, entering his sophomore year in high school this fall...
Awww...wasn't it just yesterday that I was changing your diapers and riding around with you in the bikeseat of our mother's bike?

Dude, Where's My Post?

I had posted a few days ago about my ExpectNet online baby pool...Somehow it turned into 2 posts, so I deleted one, one was left, and now both are gone...hmm...well, click on the banner below to enter a guess as to when Poppy will arrive, birth weight, gender, etc. Naming rights (or perhaps opinions on the final choices) to winner may be negotiated ;)

Baby is due 05 Dec 2008 based on a 40 week pregnancy calculated as 10 lunar months. Torrin was born at 41w3d, weighing 9lb., 0.8oz and 22 inches long. Mira was born at 38w5d, weighing 7lb, 12.6oz, 20.5 inches long.