Bonne Année!

Tonight's Stats: Mugs of hot chocolate: 2; Bonbel cheeses: 3; Delivered Meals: 1, tonight was the first night I've ordered food since I've lived in this house!; Number of Times Checked on Mira Due to Whining/Crying: 2; Rooms Cleaned: 0


Remnants of Thursday Evening

Mason and I had a wine date and a Fashion Show. Yes, those are champagne flutes, but I've never had wine in my house before. Sue me (or buy me some wine glasses).

UPDATE: The Lovely Ms. Amber bought me wine glasses as a Christmas gift. :D


The Day After Christmas

The Day After Christmas

And all through the house...
The Floors are covered with New Toys...
Dinos...dolls...an ugly blouse.
Okay, I made up the ugly blouse part.
The thing I hate about Christmas (well, actually there are many things) is that the rooms have to be rearranged to accomodate the new junk. Somehow, this little house has to absorb two carfulls of Christmas booty.
The second thing that stinks about today is that this is the Very First Christmas I have celebrated where I had to go to work the next morning. Last year, I was still out of work from having Mira and before that I was always a student with a no-more-than part-time job.
And it was the most worthless day of work I have attended yet. Note I say "attended," as I did no real work today. My supervisor was out, the three others in our department were out. Heh. They'll all be back tomorrow (probably anyway) and I'll be gone (my very first personal day ever!).