Press Censorship?

I'm considering converting this to an invitation-only blog. This, of course, pertains to Voldemort. The Boy Who Lived is free to see anything I have to say. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Not so much. I'm sure he would interpret this as me hiding things, as usual, but this isn't about hiding something. It's about him abusing avenues of information with the intent of inflicting adversity. Then I think...well, by prohibiting him from viewing what I write, aren't I giving him another form of power, by allowing his nonsense to control what I do? Goodness knows, he controls far too much as is.

I've decided that the answer to that particular quandary is no.

Now we'll see if I take that step.

3 commentaires:

julie a dit…

It's up to you. Sometimes it's nice to have that venue where you can vent and speak freely without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Jamie a dit…

I love reading the updates on you and the fellas!

flamenco dancer a dit…

lemme know if you do so I can keep updated, please! Besos!