May I Help You? (Wed 20 Jun 07)

Question of the Month:Why the Heck is Mason Coming to Chicago With Us?
Exhibit A. Mason says he is "ready to see other girls."

Exhibit B. Mason tends to be rather time-limited in the amount of time he can spend with Mira; that is, he gets frustrated easily by normal baby/toddler/kid things.

Exhibit C. Mason's mood of late leaves much to be desired.

Exhibit D. We're meeting up with a bunch of moms who are my friends. And their kids. Can we say chaos?

Exhibit E. Five whole days, pretty much 24/7?

I just do not understand what his motivation is for coming with us. I mean, it worked out well. I've been planning to go to Chicago for a few months now, and when talking to Mason discovered that he was planning to take a weeks' worth of vacation around the same time. But things were ever-so-slightly better between the two of us at that point. I'm worried that things will either a) turn out poorly, with catastrophic arguments; or b) turn out even worse than that.

Wednesday June 20, 2007 - 11:18pm (PST)


Terribly jealous that you get to go to Chicago. I say leave the goober home. Otherwise I hope to cod he's got enough money for his own hotel room where you threaten to murder him or kick him out. Sounds as though his coming could be...painful. I hope it's not!--M
Friday June 22, 2007 - 07:26am (PST)

I have absolutely ZERO Mason willpower. If the chance to spend time with Mason comes up...I always agree unless it is a major inconvenience. It's quite stupid, really, and by "it," I do mean "me."
Monday June 25, 2007 - 08:19am (PST)

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