Terror Stricken, and 76 cents

Mira (3) and Sophia (5) wanted to paint their finger- and toenails. I agreed to help with this endeavor, and was surprised a few minutes later to find Torrin (7) polishing Mira's toes. He intended only to do Mira's toes, but 76 cents was enough to convince him to paint fingernails and Sophia's also--freeing me from duty.

Speaking of duty, I have not fulfilled mine. I bought my Kia over six months ago. We hit 10,000 miles on Wednesday at 5:30pm on the way home from work. But?

I still haven't registered and licensed the thing. It's the sales tax that I can't afford. Monday, I will file my taxes, so I'll be able to pay it soon (thank you earned income credit!).

Tuesday morning, I finally got pulled over while driving. It has dealer placards in its license frames, and is supposed to have in-transit papers attached in the front and rear windows. I have one in the front (it says 08/02/08, which is 30 days after I bought it, i.e., when I was supposed to have licensed it by). The officer just told me I needed to put my in-transit sign back in the rear windshield, failing to notice the five-months'-past-expiration date on the front.


2 commentaires:

Heather a dit…

Awww little teeny painted toes are the cutest!

Egg driver a dit…

Girl, you got lucky!! 10k miles already?? You haven't even traveled that much! Stuff like cops not noticing stuff never happens to me ; )