Our house has been chaos lately. Long story short, there was a death in the family and two little sisters and a brother have been staying at our house. Well, one is not so little--she's 13 and taller than me. The other two are 9 and 5 and make great playmates/partners in crime for Torrin and Mira. We finally have replacement downstairs neighbors, too, and I'm sure they hate me for all of the running, thumping, screaming and other such pandemonium that has been going on. When I can manage to stay awake long enough, I'll upload some pics and video to post here.

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Heather a dit…

Awwww im sorry to hear about the death, but living that you have opened your home and the kids have play mates. Cant wait for the pixs!

Anonyme a dit…

You're an amazing woman, Jacinda.

Queen Angela a dit…

Still no pics or video? Seriously, what could possibly be taking up your time? j/k. You are just one of those mamas/people who never ceases to amaze me. I am in complete agreement with jules.