Photographic evidence of my wit's ending

A rare quiet moment. Sophia, Mira, and Torrin's friend Aaron playing Go Fish.

My father and Claire wearing some awesome fur coats (rotten pic of my dad though!)

Anthony looking handsome on funeral day

Mira sporting half-Leia buns

Torrin and his long-lost buddy Aaron

Ben playing airplane with Orion

Who knows WHAT this is. Sophia, Aaron, and Torrin

Torrin's friend from school, Izzet, as Torrin tries to tackle him

2 commentaires:

Heather a dit…

lost your mind? Doesnt everyones house occur that every day?
Im living mira's hair and orion being an airplane, he looks so long in that pix!

Anonyme a dit…

It looks crazy... but happy. :)