Mira's 3 now. I'm not sure how it happened, but my memory of her babyhood is quickly slipping away.

She hasn't had her birthday party yet...that's coming on Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday night as she slept I hung the decorations for her birthday party, to get more use out of them. Besides, I love an excuse to hang streamers in the doorway. We didn't ever do goofy stuff like that when I was a kid, and Mira's just old enough this year to really excited about her birthday. Wednesday morning I woke up and proceeded to make pancakes. Banana pancakes. It was my first time doing it on my own. Both TCO and Voldemort were excellent banana pancake artists and I have been craving them for awhile now.

I let her eat breakfast without even getting dressed first, too...oh, the controversy! "Mommy am I three now?" She asked, wide-eyed and incredulous. Yes, honey, you're three now. Only one more autumn lies between her and kindergarten. :(

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Heather a dit…

Precious pix! I hated to admit it also, but they are 3. Oh where did it go? So how did the pancakes turn out?