Art for Art's Sake

In the past week I've completed two pieces of artwork. As in, art for work's sake. Which is certainly better than no art at all, but how about art for me, for my loved ones, for whomever or whatever? I despise how artistic creation goes in spurts for me...I'll make a few things in a relatively short period of time, then nothing worth mentioning for a year, or longer. I don't share because I think I possess any true talent, but because it brings me such happiness to create.

Above left, detail of tracks on a work-intended piece. I'd share the whole image but I don't know exactly what will become of the entirety, if anything. Below, my very first owl. Mira and I spent some time this afternoon with watercolor and crayons. She made three lovely pictures, one for her daddy, one for her grandma, and one for her great-grandma. My owl is for PGG.

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Heather a dit…

Thats cool! Great job!