Takin' On The Jellies...you got some serious thrill issues, dude...

On Saturday while Mira was away with her PITA father, we went shopping. Torrin is in the market for a new bike and has a birthday coming at the end of the month. We've checked out bikes at a couple stores so far, no determinations have been made. But while we were at Target, I spied these:Pink jellie shoes. How could I resist? I hadn't really seen any since my own 7-or-so-year-old-jellie-wearing days. I know they've been around, but hadn't paid them any mind. My mother was less impressed, but hey, they were cheap and they sparkle in the light.

Mira LOVED them. The first night, she even slept with them on. And wore them to school the next three days in a row despite their being banned from the playground at daycare. I tried to put her in other, more regular shoes, but Miss Mira protested, jumping up and down, throwing off the rejected regular shoes dramatically, and running, wailing, to retrieve the jellies.

Thankfully, they let her play on the playground anyway.

Today? She wore her pink flower boots. Thank goodness.

4 commentaires:

julie a dit…

They are very cute! I had the most uncomfortable ones when I was little.

Polly has those same purple pants, by the way. :)

Queen Angela a dit…

Love the jellies. I was always a big fan except of course when I would take them off and you could see how dirty my feet were, lol. Maybe I just had really dirty feet. Anyway, we love surfer dude turtles and double love cute Mira pics.

Kristi a dit…

Adorable! I spied a grown woman wearing a pair of blue jellies just the other day and had to point them out to Karleigh... I live the glitter in Mira's though!

Good memories!

Heather a dit…

I cant not believe they are selling those again. I loved those things, lol!