Tids and Bits

Yeah, so, long time, no update. In the interim I've been to Arizona and back, but so quickly, I'm not quite sure that it really happened. It was "hot," as in, it was 80 in Nebraska when I left and 95 there when I arrived but the difference in humidity made it so that it felt about the same. Anyway, I like it warm, so I was just peachy with that. I attended the Women Are Sacred conference, which is about domestic violence and Native American women.

Oddly enough, I actually tend to sleep at night these days, so that's translated into no blog updates. I'm alive and well, though, as are the kiddos.
I had not realized how many different kinds of cactus there are. I mean, everyone pictures those big saguaros. Those are the ones you always see in desert pics, next to Roadrunner and a dustcloud. But these things were all over the place, all different shapes and sizes.
Maybe that really just means I need to get out more often, lol.
Purdy flowers. The flower obsession continues. There's also a million kinds of palm tree.
Mountains! We don't have any of those in Nebraska.
Again, maybe this just means I need to get out more often...

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Kristi a dit…

Oooooh, Pretty! Makes me want to break out a snowcone!

Queen Angela a dit…

Great pictures. You find the prettiest picture spots. Oh and you have been tagged (thank Kristi for that). See my blog for the rules.

lipglossmommy a dit…

Beautiful pics, Cinda!

Heather a dit…

Very pretty!