Good-Enough Weekend

Torrin and Mira roasting hot dogs (mmmmm pig parts!)

I finished another bead project--yay!

And my kitties love each other.

Good enough weekend, minus the whole football parking thing on Saturday, where once again our intelligent Husker-fan-parkers were overheard referring to the Indian Center as the Indian Reservation. Yes, this is the Rez where all the drunken white folks are. :/

2 commentaires:

Heather a dit…

OMGosh thats just sad. Great pixs as always!

Anonyme a dit…

my favorite was the war hoops from the drunken fans....as they tossed a football with beers in there hand inside the arena we hold sacred.....Im so glad that the money the ici money mongers get is worth the disrespect to what some hold sacred.