Lost, Found, and Stolen

Torrin and Mira yesterday at Oak Lake
-the keys to the Festiva. Hmmm... We'll work on that one.

-TCO's satchel of tobacco. He's not a smoker but for traditional and ceremonial purposes. Is the stuff still any good six months later? I'm debating sending it to him. I found it while cleaning around my bed. After 5 years on a futon with two eggshell things to make it permissible for sleeping, I've upgraded to a real bed. Somehow a full size mattress seems a lot smaller higher off of the ground.

-3 packs of Bonbel cheeses. On Friday we walked to our neighborhood ghetto-grocery store, with the stroller, to get groceries. After we'd gotten home and I'd put away what I thought was all of the groceries, I went to collapse the stroller down to put it away I found the cheese stuck inside the pull-out canopy thing. Um. Hmmm. I wasn't about to walk back then, hungry, after a mile walk, grocery trip, day at work and 12 miles of bikeriding. I considered calling the store but chickened out. Well, we'll be back there again soon enough.

2 commentaires:

Queen Angela a dit…

Ah, what's the worst that could happen? Debilitating constipation? Buy something later on and leave it there...even steven. I love the pic of the kiddos.

Heather a dit…

Great pix! No stress on the cheese, they charge too much anyways, lol!