Bike Trail Critters

Do you know what kind of creature this is?

I don't. But he sure looked terrified running along the unfinished portion of the bike trail that runs part-way between where I work and where I live. The size of a smushed cat or thereabouts.

We've had lots of rain lately, so I'm guessing that's what's confusing these poor lil guys. The bike path runs adjacent to a typically barely-flowing creek. A few days later Torrin and I spied a couple of turtles a bit further north on the same trail. He was highly entertained and wanted to email a picture to his science teacher. I'm sure she'll be impressed (when I finally get around to it).

3 commentaires:

Kristi a dit…

The fuzzy critter looks like a Marmot to me... a really freaked out one at that!

Heather a dit…

Im guessing a beaver type thing or ground hog, I really have no idea though. Hope the turtles made it back safe to the water.

Seanna a dit…

Well said.