He ended up buying a plane ticket. He's supposed to be back. Perhaps now. I don't know.

Two nights ago he called to inform me of his plans. Every time the phone rings and it's him, I'm slightly shocked. Installment 2 of the Great Confrontation's closing made it sound as if
we weren't going to talk at all until we were in the same state again. I've received instructions from a good girl friend of mine that I shouldn't first contact him unless he tries first. So far I've violated that order twice, but with good reason; or at least, sort of good reason. He's called most nights. Last night, he called at 1am (he's a night owl), disappointed because his friends and relatives had bailed on going out with him again. I'm not sure how much stock to put into the fact that he thought to call me in that situation.

Even more crazy? As I was on the phone with him, I received a text message from said Other Person. Said Other Person, whom I think I shall refer to as Sirius Black, is someone I've known for a few years and known of since I was a wee sprat in junior high school. Someone who has suddenly crossed my path a few times in recent months. Someone who is professing...

Oh shit. The phone rang. TCO is in town. !

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