Back to baby food?

My poor Torrin. This isn't the first tooth he's lost. His bottom middle teeth are of the permanent variety and pretty much fully grown. But it's those top front teeth missing that are so darn cute.

Last week we went to the YMCA, nothing unusual. Torrin bought an apple. Again nothing unusual; the kids usually get a piece of fruit to nibble on as it's late afternoon/early evening when we go and they're always already hungry for dinner at that time. Except on this occasion? The top tooth had finally fallen out after a long, gruesome battle to remain hanging in his mouth. The tooth next to it is loose and one next to the bottom middle set is even loosy-goosier. Poor Torrin couldn't eat his apple.

We've just in the past handful of days set up Torrin's own gmail account. On Sunday I received this message from Torrin (three rooms away, mind you):

mom how are you,i cant eat a apple


Being the nice mommy that I am, I responded:

Poor little Wiggle-Toothed Torrin, maybe we need to feed you baby food! What do you think? Should we pick you out some jars of baby food next time we go to the grocery store? :)

To which I didn't receive a written reply, just a disgruntled, AWWWWWWW Mom!

3 commentaires:

julie a dit…

That's funny! His little email is so cute!

I love his hair color, by the way! :)

La Nuit Étoilée a dit…

hehe, yay for Clariol home hair coloring for $3.99. We're growing his hair out, too. Should be interesting.

Heather a dit…

He is too cute!!!