December Photo Project: Day 8

Kitty Sumiko's got it goin' on. He's in the know. Heck, if I could crawl in the dryer and snuggle in warm clothes, I would.

Sumiko is my lesser-liked cat. Actually, The Chosen One hates him. TCO doesn't care for cats, and Sumiko is somewhat passive agressive and a bit socially avoidant. Nothing extreme. He is still a good kitty, very tolerant, and causes little trouble. He is also the prettier of my kitties, with his snowy white fur with beige splotches and icy blue eyes. He's got a bit of that Siamese-almost-cross-eyed-ness going on. He's just the one that you're more likely to trip over when you're in my house.

3 commentaires:

Shelly a dit…

Ah, I see you have adopted my clever abbreviation!

amber a dit…

Ooh, this pic is SO CUTE!

Anonyme a dit…

In that picture, your kitty looks like my seal-point ragdoll. He's a mix, but looks like a pure ragdoll. He also has sky blue eyes that appear slightly crossed and anti-social tendencies. Here's a pic of mine: