December Photo Project: Day 2

I'll offer full disclosure at this point that I hate Christmas. It seems only fair to admit this as the DPP swings into gear. My Christmas Hatred has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity; my complaints are entirely separate of those concepts. I hate Santa, I hate the greed, I hate advertising directed at toddlers. Every year I tell Torrin that Santa isn't real. We don't watch television in our house due to my high dislike for marketing to children (that and the underlying oversexualization of everything). It makes me angry when people come in to my office complaining that they can't pay their utility bills, so they'll have to return the $500 worth of video games/video game system that they bought for their child...WTH? Priorities, people?

Anyway, today's picture illustrates what is easily my favorite part of being a mother to two children...seeing them laugh and play together. The kiddos featured above are having a blast playing in my bed, four-and-a-half years' age difference, opposite-gendered, and all. In spite of my ill will towards the Santa Season, I think that these little things are among those contributing to what should be the larger theme of the holidays--family.

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