Ahh, The Sweet Scent of Failure...

Well, really, there's nothing sweet about it.
What happened is this: I had to drop my Anatomy class.
Torrin (and Mira, to a lesser degree) was sick all week two weeks ago. He missed three days of school, and should have missed all five, had he not had a dose of Ibuprofen before going. On one of his miserable days, when Mira was also not so hot, I had a really rough time getting everyone out of the door early enough. End result: I was 12 minutes late to class. Well, they were already done with the quiz. You can't miss any quizzes. If you do, they take your lowest score and use it twice.
And of course, the quiz before that had been really rotten for me (another crappy story...we had gone over three chapters the week before, and I studied the two later ones, only to find out when I got to class that the quiz didn't mention any of what I had studied). Sooooo...even though lab is worth only 30% of the grade, I didn't want to bog down my class grade with a cruddy lab grade. I feel pretty stupid about the whole thing. But I guess it's a chance to get a different lab instructor next time...I really didn't like the guy I had anyway.

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