soooo long, farewell...no, not farewell...

It's been so long since I logged onto blogger...
--I couldn't remember what the site was called
--I couldn't remember what my username was
--I couldn't remember my password
--Couldn't remember what my last post was.
Pretty sad!

What has changed since the last time I posted?
--My father has finally gotten himself and my siblings moved into their own place.
--Torrin's good start to the school year has taken a downhill turn
--Mira is finally learning her letters, in preschool, since I don't teach her such things.
--Orion crawls all over the place and has 4 teeth. I don't mind that he is 10 months old and not walking. He is my baby and there is no rush. He waves bye-bye and is a great little guy. Baby O is a rather long and lean little dude, not so much a chubby boy at all. He still goes to work with me and I haven't started looking for a daycare for him either.

2 commentaires:

Edie a dit…

It kinda sounds like you're against the alphabet or something with your "I don't teach her such things" comment!!

Heather a dit…

Welcome back! We missed ya! Pixs, pixs, pixs!!!!! lol!