banana slime spots

It started with a banana.

Orion was thrilled.
He growled and sucked on fresh banana through the ingenious mesh feeder device.
At first, he was just shiny and slimy.
Then little boy's face began to get red everywhere that the banana slime had touched.
Mama took the banana away!
Baby O objected.
He was so enchanted by this first encounter with something besides breastmilk.

Who has an allergic reaction to a banana? I've never known such a thing. Poor kid has never had any other solid foods, not even rice cereal. Makes me wary of trying more new things...things that little man is very interested in getting to know.

3 commentaires:

Kristi a dit…

Oh noooooo! Poor guy, yet he looks so pleased :) Bananas though? We looked like that with ranch but not bananas.

Queen Angela a dit…

Bananas?! Wow, we looooooved bananas mixed with breastmilk over here. We got/still get that way from blue/green dyes. He is so precious, spots or no spots.

Heather a dit…

Oh no....not bananas. But he looks so happy, lol!