Smile, toes, smile! ओं यौर फीट

Don't ask.

Chillin' at work

Mira changing Orion's diaper in his under-desk in-office cave

Happy baby. At, of course, work. Wow, we need to get a life.

Oh, wait, Torrin did that for me. He arranged himself a babysitter tonight. Here I was, looking forward to going to bed, and Torrin insisted on our leaving. We went to the Coffee House and saw I Love You, Man. The babysitter? A college student whom we had not previously met. Torrin Facebooked him. He's a volunteer at the place where Torrin, Anthony, and Sophia go to after- and out-of-school programming, so it's not quite as weird as it sounds.

2 commentaires:

Heather a dit…

Sweet on everything! Sweet toes, sweet kids, sweet night out! Good stuff!

Kathy (Babybear 2) a dit…

You have one very sweet little boy! See even HE knows when Mama needs a break!