bikin' bear baby

Orion loved his first bicycle ride.
For those observant folks out there...there's a Festiva in the background. That one is #9 in the Official Festiva Project; 27 total Festivas have been documented to date.

3 commentaires:

Kristi a dit…

I'm not sure he could be any cuter!!!

Kathy (Babybear 2) a dit…

Jacinda he is absolutely adorable!!!

Heather a dit…

OMGosh he is so cute! Seriously adorable. Im sure you hear it all the time, but dang. he is just too precious.

Did I ever send you the pix I took of the festiva for you? I was driving and it was in front of me and i thought of you, so there I am driving, taking its picture with my phone. See what you have done to me? lol!