Before I forget

Wanted to share two Mira exchanges from before the baby was born. In the first conversation, I had enticed Mira to come to the car by telling her that we were going to the store to get a carseat for the baby, as she is ever-interested in all things baby-related. This was a 8 days before the baby was born.

Mira: "Is the baby coming out soon?"
Me: "Yes, sometime soon."
Mira: "Are you going to make a hole for it?"
Me, aghast: "The baby already has a hole to come out of."
Mira: "Is that going to hurt?"
Me: "Maybe."

And then later on:
Mira: "Can I see the hole?"
Me: "No!"

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a wandering heart a dit…

That's hilarious. And right now I really wish I remembered more French from my whole semester.

Congratulations on Orion's arrival. He is adorable!!!! It's an unusual name, but nice, just like his siblings. I wish I were so creative sometimes (not that I don't love my kids' names, they suit them).

I miss that newborn stage already... well, parts of it. Brandon is getting heavy!

Amber a dit…

Ha ha ha!

Heather a dit…

OMGosh thats hilarious! I just hear her begging, "Oh come mom, let me see your hole" jk!

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, I love that. The things they say at this age...

a wandering heart a dit…

you won!!!!

Spain girl a dit…

I love her comments! I mean, how would you respond? loaded questions, Mira! Oh, and the itchy butt was good, too.