Ten Years

At the right, you can sort of see our new car, in a picture taken by Torrin on Tuesday morning. It's a Kia. Not my first choice, but after all of the major car issues going around lately a new car with a warranty sounded nice. So, it's not as nice as a Honda or Toyota, which is what I'd prefer, but hey, I'd never had a car built in this century before. And Kias come with a 10 year (or rather, more accurately, a 100,000 mile) warranty.

Why is that so scary?

In 10 years, Torrin will be old enough to drive. He'll be 17. That is positively surreal.
Luckily, I came to this conclusion Wednesday evening, as we drove home from the YMCA (and we did see TCO and Viktor Krum by the way). Torrin? At that moment had a banana peel on his head, so I can breathe soundly for a bit longer--at least as far as his aging is concerned.

2 commentaires:

julie a dit…

Your car is nice! Kia has actually improved a lot in the last few years (they're made by Hyundai -- same thing). The best part will be the good gas mileage!

PS: I swear it's not fair that you can look all cute and unpregnant like that... ;)

Heather a dit…

I thought you were going to say this picture was taken 10 yrs ago. You like a high school teenager in this pix! You got some great genes girl!